One of the oldest historical cities ‘Agra’ is a very beautiful place that needs no introduction at all. It’s a symbol of love and no other places like Agra could be more appropriate as it recalls the passionate love between the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. What could be more exciting and romantic than giving pledges with the symbol of love in the backdrop! For an opulent and royal wedding ceremony, this city of love is perfect for you.

With its exotic and pleasant ambience, couples love to tie the knot at this historical place, so that they can remember this lovely moment and cherish it for longtime. There are many wedding venues in Agra which are popular for arranging wedding ceremonies in a royal way.

This city has many gigantic hotels and resorts looking across the Taj where many people organize their wedding ceremonies. Enamored by the Mughal and Brij culture, Agra offers an interesting and pleasant ambience.